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Headbanger’s Rule #1: Share the Lead

Yes, I am a total metalhead. While I love all kinds of music, heavy metal holds a special place in my heart.

It may surprise you that there are tons of ideas about leadership that can be extrapolated from this genre of music. I am going to feature just a few in this series, and perhaps I will share more at some point in the future.

Most rock groups have a lead guitarist and a rhythm guitarist. Ratt was a unique band because they had two lead guitarists: Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby. They alternated guitar solos, building upon each other’s artistry within each song. This is quite beautiful to see in their videos.

So from this we can learn that as leaders, we can share the spotlight with our fellow workers, our bandmates. In fact, when we do, we can create beautiful music together–and it doesn’t matter who is in charge.

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