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Forest Trees

The Muses

We are inspired and guided by eight muses:

Muse-Wisdom No Website.png
  • a mysterious and ever-evolving presence

  • is multiple and contradictory

  • adores seeking with curiosity and openness

  • has a loving relationship with uncertainty

  • has many expressions including nature, conscience, intuition, insight, and ideas

  • is both complex and simple, nuanced and subtle

  • the wellspring of eloquence, brilliance, clarity, and understanding

Muse-Joy No Website.png
  • an energy that makes life feel not only worthwhile but also fulfilling and thrilling

  • nourishes our dreams and ideas so they may flourish

  • invites us to have fun and to experience pleasure without guilt or shame.

  • can be sweet and delightful or exhilarating and awe-inspiring

  • compels us to soften and slow down, but also to seek adventure and to take blissful risks

  • helps us endure pain and hardship while also seeing past our trauma to reimagine our relationships and our world

Muse-Optimism No Website.png
  • whispers to us what could be possible and compels us to take risks

  • inspires the devotion of an ingenue and the conviction of a visionary

  • inspires the audacity to trust the process and feel instilled with hope when our values and freedoms are taken for granted, or taken away

  • never complacent or complicit, does not dismiss or fail to resist the real challenges of life

  • resistance that creates

Muse-Integrity No Website.png
  • wholeness

  • reflects consistency, patterns, and connections

  • inspires alignment and resonance

  • provokes awareness and attunement

  • Reflects nuance and context

  • continually move toward balance and harmony with resilient energy

Muse-Creativity No Website.png
  • a liberating playfulness that comes alive through the disciplines of artistry, design, and composition

  • inspires and reflects our desires and passions

  • ignites our imagination and provokes possibilities

  • feels spacious, luscious, and luxurious yet necessary

  • a portal through which we may enter into a relationship with the beauty and wonder of uniqueness, contradiction, and incompleteness.

Muse-Community No Website.png
  • an expansive network of constellations of connections

  • where we find resonance, belonging, and solidarity

  • facilitates compassion, collaboration, and cooperation

  • invites generosity, graciousness, sharing, and TLC (tender loving care)

  • how we are nurtured and healed

Muse-Meaning No Website.png
  • a sense of connection and purpose

  • allows us to thrive and flourish

  • something precious to be searched for but never caught or contained

  • illuminates possibilities

  • creates a pathway to understand, connect, and contribute

  • provokes wonder, unknowing, and naivete

  • tranasfor through reflection, experience, and dialogue

Muse-Transformation No Website.png
  • continuous with no beginning or ending; these are inseparable

  • moves, flows, becomes, and decays in an infinite cycle intertwined with other processes of transformation

  • not the goal but the way

  • desires our partnership to influence its course

  • with our collective good intentions will respond to others' disparate intentions

  • slows down and hastens but is never finished

  • is where continuity and chaos coexist

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