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Unity and love partnership as ropes shaped as a heart in a group of diverse strings connec

Our Feminist Approach

The Fruition Coalition’s work is grounded in feminist ideas and goals. 


There are many approaches to feminism. The Fruition Coalition’s approach to feminism is integrative. We engage in the practice of creating new possibilities – both conceptually and materially – while being mindful of how paternalism, racism, ableism, and all other “other”-isms influence and infiltrate relationships between and among people and the organizations, communities, and natural world that connect them. Integrative feminist leadership opens up space and provokes curiosity to facilitate continual creative genesis–voilà fruition!

Our approach intentionally and lovingly adjoins, weaves, and blends (not necessarily in that order) diverse views and experiences to create meaningful goals, practices, relationships, and systems. This approach to ntegrative feminism… 

  • is intersectional (i.e. Kimberlé Crenshaw)

  • values interconnectedness and complexity (i.e. AnaLousie Keating)

  • makes space for ambiguity and nuance (i.e. Gloria Anzaldúa)

  • welcomes multiplicity (i.e. Mariana Ortega)

  • is rooted in self-reflection and curiosity about differences (i.e. Allison Weir)

  • recognizes the complex relations we each have to systems of oppression (i.e. Audre Lorde and Patricia Hill Collins)

  • includes but does not center the perspectives, needs, values, and goals, of White, middle- and upper-class, cis-gender, able-bodied, heterosexual women 

  • recognizes challenges, but also creates possibilities

Thus, we:  

  • question and change policies and practices that marginalize, exclude, or patronize people based on their identity or group affiliation

  • resist patriarchal ideas such as separation, duality, control, and ordering

  • welcome multiple ways of approaching problems and opportunities

  • create a culture that promotes care, belonging, and healing

  • respect the autonomy and self-determination of people who have life experiences and perceptions that are different from ours

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