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“The amount of work that we accomplished in one session with The Fruition Coalition was amazing. With Jessica on hand to facilitate our strategic planning session, our vast myriad of ideas became a cohesive, workable step-by-step plan. She has the remarkable ability to harness the energy of a group and put it to focused good use. Throughout the process, she enabled all of our board members voices to be heard and, therefore, to become a part of the plan”

– Betsy Hawley, Executive Director, Helping Hands – Healing Hearts, Pittsburgh, PA

“Jessica is a wordsmith extraordinaire.  Her ability to quickly assemble otherwise randomly organized documents and information into cogent, straightforward reports and proposals is nothing short of genius.”

– Stanley R. Pokras, Retired Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Resources, Philadelphia, PA

“We had a great vision and passion to help others, but we had no idea how to get started.  Thanks to a one day workshop with The Fruition Coalition and Jessica’s book “The People Pages,” we learned everything we needed to develop a vision statement, create a Board of Directors, develop bylaws, become incorporated, apply for a 501c(3) tax exempt status, and do strategic planning.  We put what we learned into practice and now have a thriving non-profit.”

– Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, Executive Director, The Brookfield Institute, Brookfield, MA

“Your assistance, guidance and insight helped us develop an excellent plan of action for our ministry. You are a diligent, conscientious and industrious worker.  You are also very creative, energetic and results oriented. I am also very impressed with your sense of professionalism.  I would highly recommend your services to any grass roots, non-profit organization.”

– Sherry Hill, Executive Director, CEFN, Philadelphia, PA

Some feedback from students:

“Not only did I learn but I was motivated and invigorated.”


“Notebook of materials is very comprehensive and is a great tool. Thanks.”


“Jessica did a wonderful job. She created an environment hospitable to questions and curiosity.”


“Was very impressed with ability to interact with students.”


“Terrific workbook – it will be my new favorite marketing reference manual.”


“The workshop exceeded my expectations. Very helpful.”

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