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Inside This Issue:

Feminist Leadership Still Matters

Women Who Rock

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Feminist Leadership Still Matters

I'm writing this in a bit of a panic. It's the end of the month and I haven't yet started this issue of my precious Fruition Journal. Taking the words of my dissertation chair to heart once again: progress not perfection, ​I offer you this collection of feminist leadership articles from the archives. Although some time has passed since they were first published, there is still truth and relevance in their words today.

Looking forward to the day we each of has the luxury of time to do all of the things that mean most to us,

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What She Said

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."


Lucille Ball, Actress, Comedian, Business Woman, Source of Inspiration to Many


Learn how to document and reveal relationships of care at Atlas CareMap​.

Help people pronounce your name the way you want to hear it using a Namebadge.

Highlander Center has a new Cultural Organizing 101 Train the Trainer Toolkit.

Learn how women are using connection to facilitate more opportunities for women and girls in this curated collection from The Rockefeller Foundation.

Understand why people promote "buy in" even though it is damaging in this blog post from Tenacious Change.

Want to be more intentional about your media consumption? Here is some support for you from Americans of Conscience Checklist.

Micheal Aguilar has put together a foundational reading list for Chicanx Studies.

Want to talk about community safety in a way that affirms humanity, respects the importance of community, and recognizes injustice? Use this resource from FrameWorks Institute.

Global Fund for Women has published a new report ​about money and feminist movement organizations.

Recording Artists

It's Women's History Month! Let's celebrate women's contributions to music.

Learn about Revolutionary Women in Music at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Just a few artists I love:


The International Leadership Association's 2024 conference will be in Chicago from November 7 to 10. Proposals will be accepted through March 31. You can also volunteer to be a peer reviewer through April 4. This year's theme is architects of change.

The Othering and Belonging Conference will be in Oakland from April 25 to 27.

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Thank you to Lilith & Jane, sponsor of this month's Fruition Journal.

Learn about an approach to stop bullying that has been effective in Switzerland.

The Othering and Belonging Institute has released the Transformative Research Toolkit.

The pay disparity between men and women has barely budged in the past 20 years. Learn more in this look at gender-based gains and gaps in the United States from Pew research Center.

What does feminist solidarity look like? Learn more, including how to distinguish superficial and substantive solidarity, in this new study.

A new report from the National Coalition to End Homelessness explains the need for housing for gender-expansive people.

The Washington Area Women's Foundation released a report about the leadership dynamics of Black women and gender-expansive leaders in the D.C. area.

Much feminist research is qualitative. If you like numbers, you'll love this article about feminist quantitative research.

Learn about Claudia Goldin's Nobel Prize-winning research about the women's participation in the labor market. 


Nonprofit Quarterly is offering a six-part series on Solidarity Economies: Building Community Power. 


Canada's National Association of Women and the Law celebrated its 50th birthday.

Time magazine is offering amends for mostly men being on their Person of the Year covers by sharing 89 new covers to honor the contributions of women to society. Eleven women had previously been named as person of the year. The covers are accompanied by a bio with a lot of really interesting and insightful information about each woman.


Fruition Journal is free for everyone!

You can help to sustain and improve this publication with a voluntary monthly payment.

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