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Change is the Only Constant

Change is natural and continually occurring. All of the cells in our body are regenerated and replaced about every three months. The trees, grass, and flowers grow, blossom, and subside. Each evening presents a unique, one-of-a-kind sunset met by a night full of infinite possibilities.

Yet, people resist change because of fear. Unlike the examples above, much change is manufactured by people based on their vision of creating a better world (for themselves and/or others). Other changes evolve as people communicate, learn, reflect, and respond to one another. And some changes are constructed to impede other changes from occurring.

As leaders, we can facilitate change to help people ease into it in a curious, playful way that cultivates resilience and joy. We can do this by:

  • Making the ebb and flow of life visible

  • Resisting control and celebrating the mystery of possibility

  • Openly discussing and reflecting on what change means to individuals, groups, and/or organizations without judgment or steering

  • Understanding that we have the ability to influence change

  • Recognizing that change is never final but will continue to evolve

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