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At The Fruition Coalition, we continually question what else could be possible and then work together toward meaningful changes in organizations and communities with curiosity, optimism, and love.

All services are customized to address the unique needs of each organization and/or individual.

Sample Projects

​The types of projects we can assist you with include but are not limited to:


  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing primary or secondary data

  • Designing and facilitating custom professional development workshops 

  • Writing, editing, and/or designing websites, email, social media, presentations, video scripts, press releases, white papers, and speeches

  • Auditing and making recommendations for written materials based on inclusion, accessibility, and alignment with organizational values and vision

  • Brainstorming ideas and developing plans to create innovative solutions

  • Assessing your organizational health and recommending changes

  • Designing employee engagement, onboarding, and talent development initiatives

  • Developing theories of change

  • Creating a strategic, business, or marketing plan for your organization or community



Develop a deeper understanding of your organization through surveys, focus groups, and analysis of secondary data.

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Leadership Development

Create opportunities for leadership learning and growth through customized professional development and coaching.

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Change policies, practices, and culture through strategic campaigns and public education

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Program Development

Respond to community needs by designing innovative programs, developing curricula, and evaluating results.

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Project Pathways

Reverse engineer the steps needed to start a new organization, project, program, or initiative.

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Club Fruition

Club Fruition is a collaborative online space where feminist leaders connect, learn strategies to create change in our organizations and communities, and mobilize to enact our bold visions for a flourishing world where everyone feels safe, welcome, and fulfilled..


Writing and Editing

Fully articulate your vision and values through newsletters, online content, brochures, reports, speeches, and guidebooks.


Organizational Development

Create a flourishing organization through systems, procedures, policies, inclusion and engagement initiatives, and strategic assessment.

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Envision and prepare for the future of your project, organization, or community.

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Understand and respond to community needs through research, campaigns, and online and print materials.



Develop your knowledge and skills through courses at The Fruition Academy.

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Women's Creative Leadership Network

The Women's Creative Leadership Network connects progressive women leaders around the globe to practice the artistry of feminist leadership as we create flourishing organizations and communities.

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