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Unraveling the Meta-Entanglement

Entanglement has many meanings.

In quantum theory and philosophy, an entanglement generally refers to the complex interdependence of particles or phenomena. Entanglements are part of a mutually contingent system in constant motion.

I see systems of oppression as part of a meta-entanglement connecting racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and coloniality – among others. Each part of the meta-entanglement thrives because one or more of the other elements are also thriving.

Too often, complex problems are addressed in an overly simplistic, linear way. We address one or maybe two aspects of the meta-entanglement without simultaneously addressing the others. Following the concept of entanglement, transforming one part of the system influences other parts of that system.

But sometimes, the way we approach transforming a system of oppression actually relies upon other components of the meta-entanglement to be possible. For example, we propose to address racism or sexism using the culture and language of coloniality and/or classism. This makes it impossible to transform the meta-entanglement – the system that interconnects all forms of oppression and thus all of its elements.

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