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The Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a Ph.D. Student

1. Everything I have been taught is a lie, or at least an illusion.

2. Wisdom and understanding are more important than knowledge.

3. Truth is an elusive mystery.

4. I am not as smart as I thought I was.

5. I am smarter than I thought I was.

6. Lao Tzu and Socrates were right – the more I know, the less I understand and the only true wisdom is knowing that I know nothing.

7. My mind is but an ornery grain of sand on the splendid beach of scholarship.

8. I can’t imagine having enough time to thoroughly explore and learn everything that interests me.

9. Learning is a process of awakening.

10. Qualitative research is just as valuable — to me and to others — as quantitative research (yay!).

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