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The Cookie Code: Life Lessons from the Feline Phenom

I share my home with two cats, both of whom teach me a lot. Although he is just five-and-a-half years old, Cookie has filled my life with tremendous wisdom.

Rule #1 – Do what you love

Cookie has fun every day, all the time. His life is pure joy.

Rule #2 – Go belly up

Cookie isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or to expose his underbelly.

Rule #3 – Resist containment

Cookie hates to be confined; he needs to be free.

Rule #4 – Approach conflict with curiosity

Cookie doesn’t react with anger; he watches, listens, and learns.

Rule #5 – Serendipitously surrender

Cookie knows when to give in and doesn’t hold a grudge.

Rule #6 – There is no time like the present

Cookie truly lives in the moment.

Rule #7 – Snuggle

What is the purpose of life without innocent hugs and kisses?

Rule #8 – Retreat, rest, and reflect

Cookie spends most of his time in a contemplative, meditative trance.

Rule #9 – Carefully plan your attack

Cookie never pounces before crouching, waiting for the right moment, and wiggling his behind to rile up his victim (which is usually a stuffed bird, fish, or mouse).

Rule #10 – Forgive and forget

Cookie easily moves on. Every moment is truly a new beginning.

Rule #11 – Never overlook an opportunity to play

When Cookie isn’t contemplating the meaning of his existence or eating, he is usually playing.

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