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My Big Ego

So often, we are told that the ego is bad, that it causes us to act exclusively in self-interest, and that it represents our shadow. Over the summer, I was reading a Ken Wilbur book when I came upon his idea that the ego is good. It is an engine that drives progress.

I tend to agree with both points. I believe that the ego is not inherently good or bad, but that it can be used for either purpose according to the values and motivation of the individual.

I have a HUGE ego. HUGE. I’m not exaggerating. It has sometimes led me to do bad things, like seeking unnecessary attention. But it has also led me to do many good things, such as complete degrees, compete for prestigious positions, and write a lot of personal things – like this post, for instance.

I’m grateful that I have such a big ego. If I didn’t, perhaps the world wouldn’t know what a big heart I have.

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