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20 Questions: Starting a Nonprofit

  1. What specific needs will this organization address?

  2. How has the need for this organization been discovered and documented?

  3. How will specific community needs be identified and explored?

  4. What is my motivation for starting this organization?

  5. How does this organization connect with my personal and professional goals?

  6. How does this organization fit in with the programs and services offered by other organizations?

  7. What can we learn from other organizations who are doing similar work?

  8. What resources (money, people, facilities, technology, etc.) are needed to start this organization?

  9. Who will be involved in the development of this organization?

  10. How will the community be engaged in the work of the organization?

  11. How will the work of this organization be sustained over time?

  12. How will this organization help the community served realize its dreams?

  13. What is the organization’s vision and mission?

  14. How will the strategic direction for the organization be developed?

  15. What are the specific goals of this organization?

  16. What are the legal requirements for starting an organization in my state and municipality?

  17. How will we let other people know about this organization through every stage of development?

  18. Who will benefit from this organization?

  19. How will this organization enrich the community as a whole?

  20. What best practices will guide the development of this organization?

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