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20 Questions: Starting a Job as an Executive Director

  1. What will my legacy be with this organization?

  2. How will I have a positive local and global impact through my work with this organization?

  3. What are the strategic priorities of the organization?

  4. What is the complete and uncensored history of the organization?

  5. What are the community’s dreams for the future?

  6. How will I strengthen the organization’s relationships and open up new relationships?

  7. How is the board engaged in the work of the organization?

  8. How is the community engaged in the work of the organization?

  9. What do the staff, board, and volunteers need from me to be successful?

  10. What can I do to strengthen the organization’s processes?

  11. How will I promote the flow of information and ideas?

  12. How will I strengthen the organization’s fiscal position?

  13. How can I share my unique gifts and skills through this organization?

  14. How can I help others – staff, volunteers, program participants — make the most of their unique gifts and skills?

  15. What does our organization do well? How has it been successful in the past?

  16. What are our organization’s core competencies?

  17. What does our organization not do well? How has it be challenged in the past?

  18. What needs to be changed and what needs to be maintained or enhanced?

  19. Is the organization’s structure adequate to support the needs of the organization?

  20. What additional resources are needed to achieve the organization’s goals?

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