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20 Questions: Advocacy

  1. What social condition(s) are we trying to shift?

  2. What change will positively influence this social condition?

  3. What is the specific ask?

  4. Are there any acceptable alternatives to this ideal solution?

  5. What will be the result of making such a change for the community overall and in the lives of individual people?

  6. What are the financial, environmental, and human costs and benefits of making such a change?

  7. What stories illustrate the need for this change?

  8. What data support the need for this change?

  9. What visuals can be used to communicate the need for this change?

  10. What structural obstacles are preventing this change from taking place?

  11. What personal or organizational resistance exists toward this change?

  12. What are the values and priorities of the decision makers that we need to influence?

  13. What other individuals and groups are working on this issue?

  14. Who else cares about this issue and why is it important to them?

  15. How will we engage others in our advocacy efforts?

  16. What key messages do we need to share?

  17. Who needs to hear our key messages?

  18. How will we communicate our key messages?

  19. How will we prepare others to be effective advocates for our cause?

  20. How will we strategically time our advocacy campaign?

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