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August News for Radicals, Rebels, and Raucous Raisers

Resisting Burnout in Feminist

Bold Frontiers Grants – Funding Exchange

Food Hardship in America 2010 – Food Research and Action Center

Ai-jen Poo to Receive 2011 American Express NGen Leadership Award – Independent Sector

Food and Freedom Rides – Slow Food USA

Just Give ‘Em The Money: The Power and Pleasure of Unrestricted Funding  – Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog

Since When Is it a Crime to Be Poor? – Mother Jones

Wild-Child Philanthropy: 17 Ways to be a Patron of the World, Without Spending a Dime – Unicorns for Socialism

Early Experiences Can Alter Gene Expression and Affect Long-Term Development – Harvard University

Foundations Were Ready for U.S. Downgrade, Fear Double-Dip – The Nonprofit Times

The Tactic Star (a tool for evaluating planning and evaluation tactics) – Beyond the Choir

A New Way to Fund and Follow

First to Fall, Last to Climb: Black Workers in the New Economy – Women of Color Policy Network

What the Top U.S. Companies Pay in Taxes – Forbes

Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers – Free Management Library

Columbia U. Professor Broadens Access to Sanskrit – The Chronicle of Higher Education

25 Ways to Improve Your Writing in 30 Minutes a Day – Writer’s Digest

A Little Political – Women Doing Literary Things

No More Prices? All About the Pay-What-You-Want Revolution – LearnVest

The Art of Happiness Gallery

Rethink the Food Label – News21

Statements on the Debt Ceiling Deal:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Coalition on Human Needs


Economic Policy Institute

National Women’s Law Center


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