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A dar, not yet a DAR

Despite being heavily recruited by my vulture like (but very sweet) relatives for the past 15+ years, I have declined an open invitation to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. My resistance to joining, along with repeated requests, had led me to evaluate the reasons that compel me to join an organization. Before investing my time and money in a community group, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Does this organization align with my values?

  2. Does this organization align with my personal priorities?

  3. Will participating in this organization help me accomplish something that is important to me?

  4. Will I enjoy the company of other members/volunteers?

  5. Is the organization ethical and does it act with integrity?

  6. Will I be able to make a meaningful contribution?

  7. Will I be able to change policies, processes, etc. within the organization that do not fully resonate with what I know to be true and good?

  8. Will participation contribute to my legacy?

It is that last question, one that has only come up for me since reaching a certain age, that is leading me in the direction of more seriously considering joining. The DAR is very important to my family, and it is a part of who I am.  For now, I am keeping my options open.

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