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Fruition Coalition: The Year in Review

Thanks for being a part of the Fruition Coalition in 2012!

At this time of year, I like to reflect on what has been accomplished. This year, the Fruition Coalition:

  1. Was re-energized by the founding director (me) leaving the material and psychological security of my  full time job

  2. Published 139 blog posts on The Activist’s Muse

  3. Launched the Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action

  4. Held two webinars: Teaching, Learning, and Transformation & Social Reciprocity…total attendance was 58 people in four countries on three continents

  5. Temporarily suspended the Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action due to intellectual and financial sustainability concerns and therefore did not conduct the two webinars I was most excited about — Existential Leadership and Quantum Theory for Activists

  6. Launched Le Salon Utopique, an online community for progressive activists

  7. Worked with an intern from University of Maryland to organize the Changemaker Chat section of the blog (thank you Kerry!)

  8. Launched the Social+ campaign to promote extending the idea of carbon neutrality to all of our micro and macro social actions

  9. Completed two program development projects with local organizations

As for me personally (but in a professional sense), I:

  1. Participated in three presentations at the International Leadership Association

  2. Started blogging for Huffington Post

  3. Experienced tremendous self-doubt and anxiety — which was at times freeing and at other times paralyzing

  4. Learned to feel more comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

  5. Tutored two students in statistics, revealing the need for simple, easy to understand statistics instructions which I have yet to find online or in textbooks (perhaps I can find a way make stats fun!)

  6. Taught an Introduction to Fundraising class for the second time

  7. Worked as a research assistant for an awesome, brilliant professor

  8. Read a ton of amazing books and papers and added much to my reading list which now includes almost 4,000 books and several hundred papers

  9. Narrowed down the topic for my dissertation, which is now looking something like the myths of social justice leadership

  10. Did not for one moment regret my decision to make the major life transition to become self-employed, despite the emotional and financial challenges (“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” — F. Nietzsche)

Tomorrow, I will reveal the Fruition Coalition’s plans for 2013!

Looking back on the past year, what have been your highlights?

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