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Inside This Issue:

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What She Said

"The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt"


Sylvia Plath, writer

Learn about the four freedoms we desire in our work and workplaces.

From The Commons Social Change Library, a guide for navigating intra-movement conflict.

Why do some men hurt women? Find out in this article from The Guardian.

Learn how nonprofit organizations can move through and toward liberation.

Let's figure out how to collectively transform the nonprofit sector to eliminate the challenges experienced by queer Black women in the nonprofit sector.

Fito Network offers a Collaborative Impact Methods Kit.

At last - an article about the challenges neurodivergent women experience at work.

The U.S. Department of Labor hosted a summit about addressing gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace.

MADRE moderated a panel discussion about using feminist strategies to confront authoritarianism.

Leadership Learning Community has made recordings of their Mending series available.


Research Opportunity (due July 2)

The Women's Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF) has issued a call for proposals for a researcher to identify the challenges and structural barriers to trans feminine people's employment and leadership in the feminist sector and to make recommendations to address these issues.

The International Leadership Association's global conference will be in Chicago this year from November 7 to 10.

The International Conference for World Balance will be held in Cuba in January 2025.

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Thank you to Lilith & Jane, sponsor of this month's Fruition Journal.

The National Endowment for the Arts has released new data about the economic impact of the arts.

Speaking of the impact of art, Caring across Generations and USC Annenberg have collaborated to publish "This is What Art is Supposed to Do": How a Caregiving Storyline on This is Us Helped Audiences Feel Seen.

A poll showed that the biggest barrier facing women in elected office is sexism.

Decolonizing Wealth Project has published Solidarity by Design: Data-Derived Strategies to Cultivate Ally Support of Racial Repair for Black People in America.

This research positions the life of animals against environmental impact - a dilemma for people who eat animals, but care about them deep down inside.

Communication, Culture, and Critique's June 2024 issue focuses on feminist political communication in the Global South.


A new report from CARE explores the roles of women as leaders, first responders, caregivers, and advocates in armed conflict.

The 2024 Global Gender Gap report shows that 97% of included economies have closed more than 60% of their gender gap.



Fruition Journal is free for everyone!

You can help to sustain and improve this publication with a voluntary monthly payment.

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