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Fruition Coalition: The Year Ahead

I hope you will continue to be a part of the Fruition Coalition in 2013! Here are some of my plans for the year:

  1. Publish at least 262 blog posts on The Activist’s Muse

  2. Hold four Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action webinars (yes, I will finally be able to do Existential Leadership and Quantum Theory for Activists! plus two more)

  3. Hold at least five workshops and/or seminars

  4. Continue to build community at Le Salon Utopique

  5. Continue to support organizations through consulting that helps with capacity building, planning,  research, and other areas

  6. Continue blogging for Huffington Post and explore the possibility of other guest blog posts

  7. Teach two university classes — Intro to Fundraising again and a new one, Leadership in the Modern Organization

  8. Attend several conferences including International Leadership Association, the International Leadership Association Women and Leadership Affinity Group Inaugural Conference, ARNOVA, and the Taos Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration. I would also like to present at some of these conferences.

  9. And, last but not least, publish 12 new workbooks…the first will be The Fruition Coalition Grant Proposal Workbook (coming soon!)

And as for me personally, I am planning to live a life full of light!

What are your plans for the year?

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